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Glebors Global Finance is a financial media founded in Canada, with readers all over Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe, which has been favored by readers.

Since 2003, Glebors Global Finance actively paid much attention to China's economic development, and launched online Chinese version:http://www.gleborschina.com in order to strengthen full communication with readers in China.With a keen business perspective and the way of thinking of corporate decision makers,Glebors Global Finance focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping dynamic information and industrial development trends, and in-depth discussion and research on world economic trends and issues that enterprises need to pay attention to.

Glebors Global Finance has always advocated the entrepreneurial spirit of pioneering, adventurous and hardworking. Relying on the unique perspective, Glebors has launched various special issues in terms of the economy and finance, which has provided much more assistance to government decision-makers and business leaders.

    Special Issue

    Since the engagement of Chinese edition by Glebors Global Finance, Glebors have begun to deliver more Chinese economic information to more overseas readers in the form of special issues. Among them, the special issue of China Textile Report has attracted the attention from the overseas home textile industry. At the same time, the Chinese version of this special issue was published in China through NetEase Finance, and the page views of this special issue exceeded 100 million. Special issues related to China's information also issued overseas: China's textile industry special report; Global Economic Perspectives, including special reports on Hangzhou, China; focusing on the global financial crisis, including detailed reports on Shanghai, China

      Special report on China's textile industry

      In the post-quota period, China's textile industry will face both opportunities and challenges. Among them, the more stable profit growth is mainly from the home textile industry. For this reason, overseas companies and brands plan to engage in the Chinese market, while many local companies invest in the home textile industry. Chinese textile enterprises must first experience a cycle of survival of the fittest. For this reason, Glebors believes that the prelude to the full blown competition in the Chinese textile market has begun, and the operational capabilities of Chinese local enterprises urgently need to be improved.

      Global economic perspective

      In the process of participating in economic globalization, global countries are facing both opportunities and challenges. As the core of promoting global trade liberalization, the Doha trade negotiation is becoming an obstacle to global free trade, because the Doha trade negotiation has become a balance point of a contest of interests between developed countries and developing countries. .As a developing country, it is very necessary to consider its own development level and affordability in the Doha negotiation.

      Focus on the global financial crisis

      Structural imbalances of the global economy has shown some signs in 2005. In 2006, Japan and Europe started raising interest rates to curb the risk of inflation. In 2007, the global financial markets are with huge volatility, and the US real estate problems hindered the smooth progress of the global economic restructuring. Glebors were concerned about the recession of the US economy, because Glebors had forseen that global trade growth had become a key factor in promoting economic development, and the sustainability of trade growth would be watched closely.


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