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With a unique business perspective, Glebors focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping economic dynamic and industrial developing trends, and deeply researching world economic trajectory and issues that companies need to pay attention to.

Technology industry integration

Industrial consolidation (Industrial consolidation) refers to the acquisition of companies in the same industry by the acquirer. Such acquisitions are usually based on the consideration of expanding market share and becoming the industrial leader in the market. It is a point-like radiation with the industry as the core

Corporate values

Corporate values refer to the value of the company and its employees, and refer to the basic beliefs and goals that the company promotes in the process of pursuing business success. From a philosophical perspective, a value is an idea about the usefulness of an object to the subject

Decision and Trust

Confirmed strategy or approach. It is the process by which people come up with ideas and make decisions for various events. It is a complex process of thinking, the process of collecting and processing information, and finally making judgments and drawing conclusions

Brand internationalization, localization

Brand localization and internationalization In a city in northern Jiangsu, an IT digital city has been built. The volume is not small. The company hopes to achieve "local brand internationalization". Therefore, it is hoped that the overall promotion will highlight the international Characterization

Case study about corporate transformation

Through structural changes in business and management, enterprises can improve the operating performance. Transformation has the systemic, leapfrogging, phased characteristics etc., often involving a series of changes in concepts, organizations, processes and personnel capabilities

Precision marketing is the core of business

Precision marketing is based on precise definition and relying on modern information technology to establish a personalized customer communication service system to achieve a measurable low-cost expansion of the company. It is the core point of the internet marketing concept

Innovation is the biggest asset of a company

Innovation is the biggest asset of an enterprise, and innovation is the biggest weight for the survival and development of an enterprise. It must keep up with the changes of the times, not only to seize opportunities, but to pursue continuous innovation under this premise

What companies need is independent thinking

What companies need is independent thinking. Entrepreneurs lack the ability to think independently, lack the ability to innovate, lack the development of talents, lack a sound business philosophy, lack a legal and compliant business philosophy, and lack the principle that preventing risks is more important

Decentralization and Allocation of Money, the Touchstone for Leaders

Decentralization and allocation of money is the biggest test facing leaders. Leadership is the top strategic resource of an enterprise, and it is also a scarce resource of an enterprise. Leadership has two important manifestations

Staff cohesion

Enhance the cohesion of employees, increase the enthusiasm of employees, improve the overall quality of employees, and the transition of the company's prosperity and downturn. The fundamental reason is culture! The ultimate goal of corporate culture construction is to enhance employee cohesion

Continue to develop

The key point to a 50% increase in company performance: customized solutions and all-round services. Continuous and compound growth is more effective than anything else. Learn to use all tools to accelerate the growth: establish an initial brand image and quickly find target customers

Global Retail Industry Research

The most important reason that well known commercial retail companies such as Wal-Mart in the United States and Carrefour in France, etc., can continue to grow and develop is related to their braveness in pioneering and bold innovation. Chain operation is the application of the management


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