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With a unique business perspective, Glebors focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping economic dynamic and industrial developing trends, and deeply researching world economic trajectory and issues that companies need to pay attention to.

Global Artificial Intelligence Survey

All kinds of data show that we are optimistic about the artificial intelligence industry, and even more optimistic about the sustainable development of artificial intelligence application technology. Artificial intelligence is a new technological science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems used to simulate

Survey of Industrial 4.0

Industrial 4.0 is a division based on different stages of industrial development. According to the current common consensus, Industrial 1.0 is the era of steam engines, Industrial 2.0 is the era of electrification, and Industrial 3.0 is the era of information technology

Securities and Fund Industrial Survey

Securities investment funds refer to the formation of independent fund assets by raising funds through the sale of fund shares, which are managed by the fund manager and under the custody of the fund custodian, and invests in securities in the form of asset portfolios. Fund share holders obtain income according to their holdings

Survey of China's equity investment status

Private Equity ("PE") is usually called private equity investment in China. From the perspective of investment methods, according to the definition of relevant foreign research institutions, it refers to the rights and interests of private companies, that is non-listed companies through private equity

Survey of foreign-funded enterprises operating in China

From 2014 to 2019, the total registered investment of foreign-invested enterprises in China increased year by year. In 2018, the total registered investment of foreign-invested enterprises in China was $777.798 billion, increasing $874.554 billion over the prior year or 12.68%

Global Human Resources Survey

Glebors launched a research report on human capital trends, which is also the most extensive longitudinal research in terms of human resources, talents and related topics in the world. The biggest paradox facing companies today is how can organizations maintain a distinctive humanity in a technology-driven world

U.S. medical research

Important data and information in the medical and AI field in the United States, including investment trends, industrial growth, the distribution of important AI medical innovation centers, and the subdivision of AI: machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and intelligent robots

Survey on the competitiveness of science and technology globally

Taking the international science and technology competitiveness research as the theme, taking the G20 as the research target, combining theory and empirical research, a research system and analysis system based on the national level of international science and technology competitiveness are constructed

Research on Chinese Consumer Behavior

China's economic growth has showed some signs of slowing down, and is facing some sort of uncertainty. Chinese consumers reacted differently to this. Some still have a strong willingness to shop; others are more cautious and cutting spending

Survey on the competitiveness of SMEs globally

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the key drivers in the economic development around the world. What is the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises globally? Find out the factors that affect the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide the guarantee for subsequent data analysis

Reports on overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese companies

After the surge in M&A activities of Chinese companies in 2015,, it has continued to shrink since 2017 and has fallen to the eighth in the world in 2019. The scale of China's capital market in 2019 accounted for only a small portion in the global share compared to 2010

Global City Competitiveness Survey

City competitiveness is the decisive force of short-term economic performance. The report stated that the competitiveness of the northern hemisphere has risen, while the competitiveness of the southern hemisphere has declined. The top 10 cities in terms of the comprehensive competitiveness among global cities are New York, Singapore, and Tokyo


Global stock market risk volatility tracking report
  • Study 49 developed and emerging markets, and pay close attention to
Listed company research report
  • The best way to understand the investment value of a company
New risk exposures in the crude oil market
  • The international crude oil market has fluctuated sharply recently
Global Equity Fund Report
  • Equity investment in private companies, ie non-listed companies
Securities and Fund Industry Survey
  • Raise capital through the sale of fund shares to form an independent fund
The economic crisis under the pandemic
  • The global public health crisis triggered by the pandemic has had a huge

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