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With a unique business perspective, Glebors focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping economic dynamic and industrial developing trends, and deeply researching world economic trajectory and issues that companies need to pay attention to.

Focus on Amazon strategy

As a trillion-dollar giant in terms of market capital, Amazon has disrupted many areas from retail to software development. At the same time, as Amazon's continuing expanding, the pace of innovation is also accelerating. From a high level, Amazon has three major cultural guidelines

Business model exploration

Business model is one of the important research objects of manageer. Mainstream business management courses such as MBA and EMBA all pay attention to "business model" to some extent. In the process of analyzing business models, we mainly focus on the relationship between enterprise and users

Pension management models globally

Pension is an important guarantee for the consumption and life of retirees, and an important part of economic and social redistribution. With the acceleration of global aging, pension accumulation, reserve and investment management have increasingly become important social issues

Focus on the Asian tech entrepreneurial circle

Investment in technology start-ups across Asia is growing rapidly, and its level and pace of development are no different from those in the US market. Investors' attention to Asia, especially China and India, reflects the fact that technology investment is increasingly important in the world

Future Manager of Quantitative Funds

Quantitative funds use mathematical statistical analysis to select securities whose future returns may exceed the benchmark for investment in order to obtain returns that surpass index funds. Quantitative investment strategies are mainly used for portfolio management

Comparison of Sino-US technological strength

Technology is the lever of history, the root of the change in world hegemony, and also the fulcrum of the emerging of great powers. From the hegemony of the US dollar, the mechanical revolution to the information revolution, two scientific revolutions, three technological and industrial revolutions

Explore the improvement of China's environmental governance system

From the overall strategic perspective of China's environmental governance, the development of the western region has a significant strategic position in the long-term social and economic development of China

Focus on National Laboratories

The National Laboratory is a national-level scientific research institution that is guided by the major needs of national modernization and social development to conduct basic research, competitive frontier high-tech research and social welfare research

Reshaping a new era in Silicon Valley

In 2020, Silicon Valley seems to face the turning point. After the layoff crisis in April and the peak of listing in July, Silicon Valley ushered in another wave of IPO boom in December. Airbnb’s share price sharply doubled on the day of its listing. Doordash and Wish, which are already listed

Focus on the history of the industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution began in the 1860s. It is generally believed that it originated in the central region of England. It refers to the early process of capitalist industrialization, that is, capitalist production completed the stage of transition from handicraft industry to machine industry

Innovation changes the world

Technological innovation refers to specific activities used by industrial enterprises in technological innovation and technological development. Including direct expenditures for corporate research and development activities, as well as all expenditures indirectly used for research

Reengineering of asset securitization

Asset securitization refers to the process of issuing asset-backed securities on the basis of credit enhancement through structured design based on the cash flow generated by the underlying assets in the future. Issuing tradable securities backed by a specific asset portfolio or specific cash flow


Global stock market risk volatility tracking report
  • Study 49 developed and emerging markets, and pay close attention to
Listed company research report
  • The best way to understand the investment value of a company
New risk exposures in the crude oil market
  • The international crude oil market has fluctuated sharply recently
Global Equity Fund Report
  • Equity investment in private companies, ie non-listed companies
Securities and Fund Industry Survey
  • Raise capital through the sale of fund shares to form an independent fund
The economic crisis under the pandemic
  • The global public health crisis triggered by the pandemic has had a huge

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