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With a unique business perspective, Glebors focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping economic dynamic and industrial developing trends, and deeply researching world economic trajectory and issues that companies need to pay attention to.

Emerging market investment strategy survey

Global economic downside risks have weakened, economic growth in many countries has slowed, and global economic recovery has weakened. Emerging markets have become the focus. The rapid development of emerging markets has attracted more and more investors to pay attention to

Global brand value survey

Brand Globalization (Brand Globalization) is a process in which a company launches a global brand in the activities of transnational production and operation and penetrates into the global market. That is, the company establishes its own brand image in global marketing

Global Corporate Taxation Survey

List of countries and regions with the lowest corporate tax burden in the world. No. 29: Bulgaria (tax rate: 27%) The tax rate for Bulgarian companies is only 10%, which is the same as the highest personal income tax rate in the country. Bulgaria is one of the 5 countries with the lowest corporate tax burden

Asian Consumer Survey

The loyalty for national brand of Japanese consumers is still the highest, reaching 81%. In fact, Japanese have always had a high loyalty to their own country’s brands. In this “national brand” survey, national brands take 9 brands among the top ten ones

China Brand Value Survey

The core of the brand is to shape the relationship with consumers, which is a rational and emotional combination. Establishing a brand is to establish a relationship with consumers, establish a rational and emotional relationship. The requirement for Global brand is that the brand's recognition

Global Collectibles Market Survey

Research report for collectibles industry includes in-depth survey and development prospect. -The report mainly analyzes the life cycle of the industry, market size, operating data, competition landscape, enterprise operating status and market share, as well as the analyses in terms of the challenges

Risk index tracking report for global stock markets

Index investing provides a modern, seamless and fully integrated method to measure the complete set of equity opportunities without any gaps or overlaps. The monitoring index strategy can build and monitor the investment portfolio

Global Travel Survey

In terms of the stance to resume travel. Asian countries such as India, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Singapore are more optimistic; China, Italy and the United States have all been hit by the shift in traveler’s preferred destinations, while Japan and Australia have become their preferred destinations

Focus on the new path of China's development

China will face huge challenges in the next few years. Seven major issues need to be solved by China government urgently. Economic structural issues, rural issues, social issues, institutional issues, problems of wealth gap, regional issues and environmental issues

Focus on Europe

All measures that hinder free trade and the flow of resources are to create wealth in a sustainable manner and to deal with challenges and bottlenecks. In this process, can Europe fully play the other core role in global economy and politics and become Europe’s future? The basis for sustainable development

Global economic crisis

Facing the complicated global economic situation, the continuous decline of economic data and the continuous rise of financial markets, whether economists, entrepreneurs or investors, the performance is more anxiety and confused. We will use data analysis to interpret the global economic future

Focus on the trend of dollar

The advantage of the United States lies in the financial market. Once investors see that the U.S. government is actually pushing the dollar down, overseas investors who are worried about the collapse of the dollar assets will be liquidated. Overreaction by the market will make the slow decline of the dollar


Global stock market risk volatility tracking report
  • Study 49 developed and emerging markets, and pay close attention to
Listed company research report
  • The best way to understand the investment value of a company
New risk exposures in the crude oil market
  • The international crude oil market has fluctuated sharply recently
Global Equity Fund Report
  • Equity investment in private companies, ie non-listed companies
Securities and Fund Industry Survey
  • Raise capital through the sale of fund shares to form an independent fund
The economic crisis under the pandemic
  • The global public health crisis triggered by the pandemic has had a huge

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