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With a unique business perspective, Glebors focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping economic dynamic and industrial developing trends, and deeply researching world economic trajectory and issues that companies need to pay attention to.

Global Private Banking Survey

Focus on the analysis and research in terms of the development history, scale of operations, current advantages and weakness of global private banks. As the development direction of the wealth management industry becomes clear cross-border wealth management institutions and private banks must begin to adapt to the new competitive landscape

Research on the Innovation of Wealth Management Model

Wealth management refers to the customer-centric design of a comprehensive financial plan. Through providing customers with a series of financial services such as cash, credit, insurance, investment portfolio, etc., the customer’s assets, liabilities and liquidity are managed to satisfy Customer financial needs

Focus on family trusts

A family trust is a property management method in which a trust institution is entrusted by an individual or a family to manage and dispose of family property to achieve the wealth planning and inheritance goals of the wealthy. Family trust separates the ownership of assets from the right to income

Research on Fund Investment Strategy

When a certain type of fund changes its investment ratio due to changes in its net worth, sell or buy such funds to ensure that the investment ratio can maintain the original fixed ratio. This can diversify investment costs and resist investment risks

The conundrum of Chinese real estate Industry

Just as "advancing into real estate" became the fashion of the booming real estate market, "de-real estate" has also become an industrial trend during the downturn of the real estate market. In China, the real estate industry is booming along with the development of urbanization and market economy

Art Investment Research

Art investment is an investment behavior that an individual or enterprise takes art as its investment target and gets returns. In art investment, we must follow principles. In the international capital market, art has long been recognized as a must-have investment industry

Public welfare and wealth management

Public welfare refers to the departments, enterprises and their facilities that directly or indirectly serve economic activities, social activities and residents' lives. It mainly includes water production and supply system, public transportation system, electrical heat supply system and health care system

How Wealth Management Creates Wealth

Wealth is generally classified into personal wealth, social wealth and national wealth. Wealth management refers to the customer-centric design of a comprehensive financial plan, providing customers with a series of financial services such as cash, credit, insurance, investment portfolio, etc

The Art of Stock Investment

There are roughly three stock investment models, short-term investment, phased investment and long-term investment. Stock investment is neither art nor science

Aspects of Alternative Investment

The so-called alternative investment refers to the investment in financial and physical assets except traditional stocks, bonds and cash, such as real estate, securitized assets, hedge funds, private equity funds, commodities, art, etc

Wealth and health

Health and wealth are both important. There are two kinds of wealth, one is material wealth and the other is spiritual wealth. Only a person who owns two kinds of wealth at the same time is a real rich man. Health must also meet two conditions at the same time

The Way of Wealth Inheritance

Wealth inheritance refers to the entrepreneurs or asset holders passing on wealth to the next or subsequent generations in a certain way. Or take the customer's will, through pre-planned, continuous and systematic design and planning to accomplish


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