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With a unique business perspective, Glebors focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping economic dynamic and industrial developing trends, and deeply researching world economic trajectory and issues that companies need to pay attention to.

Technology industry integration

Industrial consolidation (Industrial consolidation) refers to the acquisition of companies in the same industry by the acquirer. Such acquisitions are usually based on the consideration of expanding market share and becoming the industrial leader in the market

Google's technology kingdom

The EU believes that these practices of Google have made competitors lose the opportunity to innovate and rely on superiority to compete, which is illegal under the EU's antitrust laws. According to data from Statcounter, a global website traffic monitoring agency

The future of artificial intelligence in China

"Artificial Intelligence" (AI) has become a well-known concept, but there is no general consensus on the definition of artificial intelligence. The traditional idea of artificial intelligence development is to study how humans produce intelligence, and then let machines learn human thinking and behavior

Focus on Fintech research reports

The concept of "Fintech" is being welcomed by many Internet finance companies. Behind the blitz, there is also the risk of regulatory arbitrage. The Department of Regulations and Laws of the Central Bank pointed out that in order to clarify the boundary between Internet finance and Fintech

Cyber security and digitalization

Cyber security means that the hardware and software of the network system and the data in the system are protected from damage, modification, or leakage due to accidental or malicious reasons. The system operates continuously, reliably and normally, and network services are not interrupted

Manufacturing in the digital age

Industry 4.0 (also known as digital manufacturing) makes value chain reform as the core. To successfully achieve Digital ReinventionTM, it is necessary to fundamentally rethink the company’s operating model and how the company interacts with the environment

A new era of human-machine coexistence

A new era of human-machine coexistence: Automation, employment, and productivity. Over the past 50 years, two engines of employment growth and productivity improvement have driven economic growth. However, many developed countries and a few emerging economies

The New Era of Silicon Valley Technology

Silicon Valley, located south of the San Francisco Bay Area, a metropolitan area in northern California, is another name for the Santa Clara Valley where high-tech businesses gather

Technological development trends for the next 20 years

The impact of future technological transform is permanent. Technology will be related to artificial intelligence. What technology has to do is to make everything smarter. This process of intelligence is the change brought

Energy island in the ocean

Denmark has announced plans for multiple "energy islands", each of which supports at least 10 GW of offshore wind power installed capacity, which can meet the power needs of more than 10 million European households. The total cost of the project is estimated to be as high as 300 billion Danish kroner

Overcome the issue of smog

Haze is a combination of fog and haze. Smog is common in cities. Many areas in China combine fog and haze together as a warning and forecast of disastrous weather phenomena, collectively referred to as "smog and haze." Smog is the result of the interaction between specific climatic conditions

Focus on clean energy

Clean energy, that is, green energy, refers to energy that does not emit pollutants and can be directly used in production and life. It includes nuclear energy and "renewable energy." The accurate definition of clean energy should be: a technical system for clean, efficient and systematic application of energy


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