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With a unique business perspective, Glebors focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping economic dynamic and industrial developing trends, and deeply researching world economic trajectory and issues that companies need to pay attention to.

Global Financial Markets Outlook for 2021

After the outbreak of global pandemic in 2020, the capital markets of major economies experienced substantial volatility, and the U.S. stock market melted four times. The major central banks around the world implemented massive monetary stimulus, rescued the financial markets and the real economy, pushing global stock markets to rebound

Research on the Model of Stock Market Wealth Accumulation

Studying the model of wealth accumulation in the stock market, one of the key points to the success or failure of futures investment is the ability to grasp market opportunities and avoid the risks. Every futures transaction is not only a profit opportunity, but with potential risks

Interpretation of the operating model of hedge funds

With the high leverage and the complexity of investment, the private nature of financing, the concealment and flexibility of operations, hedge funds have become synonymous with a new investment model. That is based on the latest investment theory and extremely complex financial market operation skills

How investors arbitrage in volatility

Stock index futures arbitrage refers to the use of unreasonable prices in the stock index futures market to participate in stock index futures and stock market transactions at the same time, or to trade stock index contracts of different duration and different (but similar) categories at the same time to profit

Customized stock market trading rules

The elements include time elements, key points, buying in batches, concentrated investment, etc.. Also need investors to capture market signals, don't believe inside information, ignore small market fluctuations, repeatedly verify key points, and don't rush to take profit or buy

Stock market investment strategy

Stock investment strategies are methods and measures adopted by investors to avoid or reduce risks and obtain more investment returns. The investment strategy should be tailored according to the time and various conditions

Futures Arbitrage Strategy

Futures arbitrage strategy, futures arbitrage refers to the use of the relevant market or changes in the price difference between relevant contracts to conduct transactions in the opposite direction in the relevant market or relevant contracts, in order to profit from the favorable changes in the price difference

Portfolio strategy

Investment portfolio is a collection of stocks, bonds, financial derivatives, etc. held by investors or financial institutions. Investment portfolio can be seen as a combination on several levels, which is the first level combination, due to the dual needs of safety and profitability

Professional Trader Training Tracking

A trader is someone who operates for other people's assets. Traders are mainly serving investment institutions. They are often traders and have a good grasp of the market. They can grasp the timing of opening and closing positions according to the requirements of customers, and they are proficient in the skills of establishing the position and taking profits

The investment in the financial sector

The financial sector refers to a special industry operating financial products, which includes banking, insurance, trust, securities and leasing. Economic entities use funds to purchase financial assets such as stocks and bonds in order to obtain expected returns or equity

The Investment discipline

In the process of investment and financial management, discipline and patience should also be kept in mind. Follow your investment discipline and investment rules. In the actual operation, human weakness such as greed, fear, blind obedience, impetuousness, etc. all tempt us to change our investment plan from time to time

2021 Global Exchange Rate Industry Analysis Report

The analysis report on the exchange rate industry aims to grasp the current situation of the exchange rate industry, investment and financing conditions by analyzing the current development characteristics, development stage, the balance of supply and demand, the competitive landscape, economic operations


Global stock market risk volatility tracking report
  • Study 49 developed and emerging markets, and pay close attention to
Listed company research report
  • The best way to understand the investment value of a company
New risk exposures in the crude oil market
  • The international crude oil market has fluctuated sharply recently
Global Equity Fund Report
  • Equity investment in private companies, ie non-listed companies
Securities and Fund Industry Survey
  • Raise capital through the sale of fund shares to form an independent fund
The economic crisis under the pandemic
  • The global public health crisis triggered by the pandemic has had a huge

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