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Glebors Global Finance is a financial media founded in Canada, with readers all over Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe, which has been favored by readers.

Since 2003, Glebors Global Finance actively paid much attention to China's economic development, and launched online Chinese version:http://www.gleborschina.com in order to strengthen full communication with readers in China.With a keen business perspective and the way of thinking of corporate decision makers,Glebors Global Finance focuses on understanding the background of financial news, grasping dynamic information and industrial development trends, and in-depth discussion and research on world economic trends and issues that enterprises need to pay attention to.

Glebors Global Finance has always advocated the entrepreneurial spirit of pioneering, adventurous and hardworking. Relying on the unique perspective, Glebors has launched various special issues in terms of the economy and finance, which has provided much more assistance to government decision-makers and business leaders.

    Market intelligence to accelerate business growth, http://www.glebors.com

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                Rational and objective analysis and research

                The Chinese website of Glebors Global Finance provides the most valuable global financial commentary and analysis, daily updates of global economic information , securities and financial market trends, weekly financial memos and monthly financial electronic magazines. At the same time, Glebors’ viewpoints and special reports will be updated weekly as in-depth analysis articles.

                Since 2004, Glebors Global Finance unveiled a series of reports in terms of the sustainable development of China's economy, especially focusing on China's new development roadmap, energy and environmental issues constraining China's economy, and discussing the potential risks of China's high economic growth.

                A series of financial reports such as China Banking Industry Research, China Textile Industry Survey, the Most Potential China Brands and China Securities Industry Research have attracted much attention from readers.

                In order to enable Chinese readers to fully understand the context of global economy, we have successively launched another category targeting emerging economies. Some articles like India, the Balance of Japan-East Asia, The Observation of U.S. , Europe-The New Engine of Global Multi-polarization , and The Storm Of Dollars are very popular among readers.

                  In-depth financial reports

                  The goal of Glebors Global Finance is to provide readers with excellent in-depth financial reports and analysis. Glebors provides innovative, effective and comprehensive solutions to the high-end readers to meet their external communication needs. Relying on global network composed of economic researchers, professional journalists and commentators, Glebors launches monthly electronic edition and print edition. Glebors has two separate regional editions: Asian Chinese version and European and American English version, which provide readers with excellent professional insights and significantly unique global perspective. Glebors currently has 2.85 million Chinese member readers and 3.5 million English member readers.

                  • Satisfy readers’ need for the insight into the global economic context
                  • Financial special reports use professional knowledge to fully understand market conditions, analyze expert opinions, and analyze data rationally.

                  • Provide readers with rich, tailor-made content
                  • The research on Global economic developments, news analysis, special reports, all of which target the most influential senior managers and decision makers.

                  • High value-added in-depth reports, unique global perspective
                  • Provide high value-added in-depth reports and analysis with global perspective, and periodically launch financial analysis and industrial reports, as well as independent column (Glebors perspective and special reports).

                  Glebors Global Finance Special Issue

                  Since the launch of Chinese website of Glebors Global Finance, Glebors has begun to try to deliver more Chinese economic information to more overseas readers in the form of special issues. Among them, the special issue of China Textile Report has attracted the attention of the overseas home textile industry. At the same time, the Chinese version of this special issue was published in China through NetEase Finance, and the page views of this special issue exceeded 100 million. Other special issues include some hot topics in terms of global economic, a special report on Hangzhou, the report on the global financial crisis, as weill as a detailed report on Shanghai, China.

                  • Special report on China's textile industry
                  • The English version of special issue of"China Textile Industry Report" is issued overseas. helping Chinese textile companies integrate into the future international competition and win more opportunities. The English version of "Glebors 2005 ChinaTextile Industry Report" has a circulation of 75,000 book. The electronic edition of the English version of "Glebors 2005 China Textile Industry Report" has a circulation of 200,000 copies.

                  • Global economic perspective
                  • In the process of economic globalization, countries are facing both opportunities and challenges. As the core of global trade liberalization, the Doha trade negotiations are becoming an obstacle to global free trade. The English version of "Global Economic Perspectives" is issued overseas, including a special report on Hangzhou, China.

                  • Focus on global financial crisis
                  • The structural imbalances of global economy has shown some signs in 2005. In 2006, Japan and Europe began to raise interest rates to curb the risk of inflation. In 2007, the turmoil of global financial markets and US real estate problems hindered the smooth progress of the global economic restructuring. Glebors issued the special issue of "Focus on the Global Financial Crisis" overseas, which covered Shanghai, China in detail.

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