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Global Economic Outlook for 2019
Last year, most heralded 2018 as the year of synchronised global growth. The theme did not really pan out, as US expansion far outstripped that of most developed economies thanks to fiscal stimulus.
Could more rate hikes trigger U.S recession?
The Fed raised interest rates for the fourth time in 2018 and signaled that two more rate hikes will be planned for the next year, which further raised concern of economic recession for the next year, and also the balance sheet reduction plans in 2019 could create serious headwinds. The U.S equity market sharply declined as a respond to the Fed rate decision. So far S&P500 and Nasdaq has both entered bear market territory.
Artificial Intelligence Wave
The future of big data
Quantum Computing has been around us
Research the Engine of Countries' Growth
The survey of emerging markets investment strategy
The survey of global brands value
Will the U.S economic growth be sustainable?
The U.S. economy slowed in the third quarter a bit more than previously estimated. GDP growth increased at a 3.4 percent annualized rate. The economy grew at a 4.2 percent pace in the second quarter. Growth is being boosted by the Trump administrationí»s $1.5 trillion tax cut package.
Brexit uncertainty will deteriorate economic situation
Brexit uncertainty had intensified considerably over the last month, which are weighing on financial markets significantly. BOE policymakers has revised their forecast for the fourth quarter economic growth to 0.2 percent from 0.3 percent
Global economy locked in stalemate
The latest report of global economic situation and outlook released by the United Nations indicates that global economy keeps growing at a moderate pace, the growth rate will be 2.8%. And the report shows that the global economy will keep synchronized growth.
The future of the tottering EU
The EU upgraded the economic forecasts of most of the European largest economies, including France, Germany and Spain.
Tackle the three conundrums of Chinese economy
The original development model of Chinese economy has run our of steam, the shift of growth model is the most pressing issue, in which the industrial upgrade is the key point.
Global trade liberalization go far gradually
The negotiation of global free trade comes to a standstill. More countries are trying to hold bilateral trade negotiations and sign bilateral trade agreements.
Global trade liberalization go far gradually
The negotiation of global free trade comes to a standstill. More countries are trying to hold bilateral trade negotiations and sign bilateral trade agreements.
Can the populism destroy the EU?
The French election has a huge implication. The European Union can still survive although the Brexit, but if France leave from EU, EU will basically fall apart.
The crisis of global trade war
The policies America proposed will probably disrupt the liberty that America has been supporting and protecting for more than decades. And global free trade are heading for a crisis as a result of that.
Pushed by the globalization, each country economical development and social development are showing the similar features.
The report of Global AI survey
More data indicate that investors are more increasingly interested in AI, particularly in in terms of the sustainability of the application of AI tech.
The dynamics of Trump reforms
The Trump administration demands America Commercial Department to draft an overall analysis in terms of economic situation and trade model within 90 days.
The conundrum of global economy and politics
Lepon did not win the French election, but it still indicates that the behavior of voters change dramatically and the equilibrium of political power shifts magically.
Chinese economy needs to reinforce globalization
In the course of economic growth, investment is the key driver at the initial stage, afterwards, at the second stage, the gradual stable industries become more important.
What is the future of globalization?
The driver of globalization has shifted from developed countries to emerging economies. The emerging economies should further open their markets to grasp the upcoming opportunities of new globalization.
Chinese property market overheated
Financing leverage is the major driver of house price rising. Several rounds of. accommodative policies targeted the needs of purchasing houses, set the entry threshold and limit the loan amount.
Chinese property market overheated
Financing leverage is the major driver of house price rising. Several rounds of. accommodative policies targeted the needs of purchasing houses, set the entry threshold and limit the loan amount.
The investment opportunities in emerging markets
The downward risk of global economy has weakened, the economic growth in many countries has slowed down, the moderate expansion in emerging economies resulted in the slow global economic recovery.
Focus on the Korean Peninsula
The tension in Korean Peninsula is further intensifying. North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapon for offensive military action. The conflict may break out at any time. Targeting he nuclear threat from North Korea, U.S and China have a joint goal-the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
How can be the U.S economy out of the troubles?
Economic data continuously declines and financial markets continuously plunges, under the complicated global economic circumstances, more investors feel confused and vacant. U.S. factory activity slowed in March amid a decline in new orders
The competitiveness of Chinese market increasingly strengthens
In view of global financial crisis increasingly gets worse, PBOC adopts prudent microeconomic policies against the negative impact caused by uncertainty of global economy and more challenges.
U.S global strategy in new era
After Donald Trump was elected as America president, he repeatedly claims í░American priorityí▒, which has led to some signs of decadence and recession in America, which implying the huge impact on American democratic system.
The survey of RMB competitiveness
With Chinese economy increasing growth, RMB get more and more attention. More investors and experts begin to evaluate the position of RMB in global currencies.
Economic Forum
Focus on Trumpí»s trade strategy
The survey conducted in which national security is as the stock excuse may result in America completely imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum import, which has become President Trumpí»s first big move of protectionism.
Trump administration begins to deregulate
Trumpí»s economic strategy
Global economic growth is stagnant
Financial Comments
Populism in France prevails
In history it has ever occurred that the votersí» behaviors shifted dramatically and political power equilibrium changed. The globalization and the correlation between France and the world become the focusof political debate.
Could Trumpí»s policies be implemented ultimately?
The property market will disrupt the Chinese economy materially
The cooperation and competition between China and U.S
Focus on Asia
Would China lead the globalization?
The unsettled situation in North Korea Peninsula
Chinese economic metropolitan areas
Chinese property market and equity market
The global economic outlook for second half of 2018
Many legacy issues caused by financial crisis still drag on the global economic recovery, including high unemployment rate, high debt level, vulnerable banking system and other structural issues.
Could Chinese industries continue to upgrade?
The competition and cooperation between China and U.S.
Break down the outlook of economy and politics between China and U.S
Special Report
The survey of post-Brexit
The U.K. is set to begin the transition of exiting the European Union on March 29, 2019. The transition period is aimed at giving businesses and citizens, both in Britain and the EU, more time to prepare for the U.K.'s complete departure from the bloc. And the transition period is also about beginning life outside the European Union, including preparing and signing new trade deals.
The report of Chinese manufacturing upgrading
The future of U.S under Trump administration
The survey of competition between Chinese and American companies
Security Fortune
The research of accumulation model of wealth
The key point of successful future investment is the ability to grasp the opportunities and control the risks. Opportunity and risk are both in every trading.
Break down the operation model of hedge funds
How to arbitrage in volatility?
Customize stock trading principles
Industrial Research
The survey of development of global AI
Processing information with technology is not a new thing, but the new form of office automation is that robots do the jobs what labors finish in computer.
The survey of development of global industrial 4.0
The survey of security and funds sector
The survey of Chinese equity investment
Talk the finance
The Investment Reports
Arrange the tech leadership overall

Global Human Resources Survey
The survey of global tech competitiveness
The report of consumer behavior
Global mid-small size businesses competitiveness survey

How to improve Chinese environmental protection system

The issue of environmental pollution has resulted in the lack of potential of Chinese sustainable economic growth. Rapid economic growth leads to the serious
damaging of environment. The issue of environment is restraining Chinese sustainable economic growth.

Focus on the history of industrial revolution
Focus on national lab
Break down the management model of pension worldwide
Wealth Management
The research of innovation of wealth management model

Three key points are very important over the course of successful investment. First of all, you need hold the right trend. After the trend forms, the investors must follow the trend and take advantage of the opportunities. The inevitability of trend
is the major principle that investors can not violate.

Focus on family trust
Philanthropy and wealth management
The survey of global private banks
The new era of co-existence of human and robot

The technology companies invest huge amount of money in researching the equipment that can understand the emotion of human being. And employees are gradually adapting themselves to working together with the robots. They name the software and talk with them.

The technology trend in the future 20 years
Cyber security and digitization
The manufacturing in digital era
Innovation is the most important asset of enterprises

The prices of global corns, sugar and vegetable oil continue to rise. Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations revised upwards its monthly food prices index to 28 basic point, which has risen for five month in a row.

Decentralization or money sharingí¬the touchstone for a leadership
The globalization or localization of brands
The high efficient management model of businesses
Financial Data      
The survey of global luxury spending
The data for each countryí»s public facility
The data for global environmental protection
The statistics for each countryí»s financial data
Life with Fashion      
Ramble about casual life
The fashionable life
Start off the outdoor expedition
The yacht
The report of global equity markets volatility and risk
The report of each country public companies
The report of global equity share funds
The city reports
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